So Obama Isn’t Muslim, Huh – Political Polygon | Political Polygon

So Obama Isn’t Muslim, Huh – Political Polygon | Political Polygon.


Hildabeast: America Should “Empathize” and Show “Respect” for its Enemies

Well SARGE I wouldn’t say it that way but I definitely agree with you 100%

The Foxhole

Hillary demonstrates why she’s a scrunt and why she was such a fucked up Secretary of State.

From Fox News.

Hillary Clinton is taking heat for saying America should “empathize” and show “respect” for its enemies.

The former secretary of State, who is considered a likely 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, made the remarks during a speech Wednesday at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Touting an approach she calls “smart power,” Clinton urged America to use “every possible tool and partner” to advance peace.

This, she said, includes “leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

At a time when the U.S. military is launching airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, some called the comments out of place.

Former Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, a Fox News host…

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Memorial to Virginia Gwynn

Virginia M. (Shipley) Gwynn (1928-2011)

I normally wouldn’t post something of a personal nature like this but she was a great Mother-in-law and today would be her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM.

LORAIN — Virginia M. Gwynn, (nee Shipley), age 82, of Lorain, and formerly of Sheffield Village, passed away on Monday July 18, 2011 at home with her family. She was born November 30, 1928 in New Salem, Pennsylvania; Virginia moved to Lorain County in 1961. In 1971. she and her growing family settled in Sheffield Village to raise her children.

She was a devoted wife and mother of nine children. She enjoyed spending time with her children and many loving grand children and great grandchildren.

Survivors include her brother Robert Shipley, daughters Laura Grimes (Rick), Bobby Demich (Walter), Neila Meyers, Virginia Davisson (Bruce) of Marietta, Ohio, Alverta Kramer (David) and Janet Darmos (Mark), and Sons Donald Shipley of Harriman, Tennessee, Robert A. Gwynn, Jr. (Terry) of Elyria, and Kevin Gwynn.

She was preceded in death by her husband Robert A. Gwynn, Sr., by her parents Edward and Lauretta (nee Rosenthal) Shipley, and her granddaughter Amanda Davisson. Mrs. Gwynn was an avid Yahtzee player who also enjoyed hummingbird collectibles and solving crossword puzzles.

Her spunk and sense of humor were always appreciated by those who new her best. Virginia’s final days were spent surrounded by her loving family and friends in the home of her daughter, Janet, with the assistance of New Life Hospice. She is greatly missed.


Perfect imperfect

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surrealboatI’m not a perfectionist. I never finish jobs properly. This is not laziness, but efficient time management. I never complete a task 100% perfectly. I stop at 90%, or sometimes 70%, then move on to the next job. That means I complete more jobs. Does this bother you? It shouldn’t. It’s not necessary to complete jobs perfectly. To prove this, I won’t even bother to finish this …

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The Good Muslim Terrorist

I have read the Good Muslim Terrorist blog. I agree with just about every word not that I am anyone important, i am not a nut job or a militant. I am a father, grandfather and a great grandfather of 7 children 34 grandchildren great grandchildren combined. I attend church and believe in Jesus and the cross but when I see how the muslims are taking over the United States and the rest of the world I get so worried for my family that I want to jump out of my chair with my firearm and start taking care of business and I wonder where the rest of american fathers and grandfathers are we going to let eslam keep taking lives in the most sadistic and satanic ways and even their own wives and children are at the will of their satanic religion. We have a muslim president and he isn’t going to do anything so it is time we did. like i said I am not a nut but a AMERICAN WHO LOVES HIS COUNTRY. So americans down with eslam.

ACT for America Houston

by Daniel Greenfield


There are no Palestinians. There are no moderate Syrian rebels. There is only Islam.

The axe that fell on the head of a Rabbi in Jerusalem was held by the same hand that beheaded Yazidi men in the new Islamic State. It is the same hand that held the steering wheel of the car that ran over two Canadian soldiers in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec and the same hand that smashed a hatchet down on the skull of a rookie New York City cop in Queens all in a matter of months.

Their victims were of different races and spoke different languages. They had nothing in common except that they were non-Muslims. This is the terrible commonality that unites the victims of Islamic terror.

Either they are not Muslim. Or they are not Muslim enough for their killers.

The media shows us the trees. It does not show us…

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Military appalled at Obama’s administration

Military officials are appalled at the “willful incompetence” of President Barack Obama’s administration and its interference in the campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS), said Lt. Col. Ralph Peters.

“We’ve a president so arrogant, an administration so arrogant, they think they know how to run military tactical affairs; not just strategic, but tactical affairs, better than military professionals.

“Everyone is appalled at the incompetence, the willful incompetence of this White House,” Peters, a retired Army Lt. Colonel, told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Monday.

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The Only Way that Terrorism Will End

The terrorist should be run out of Israel and all other countries including Washington DC.

ACT for America Houston

by Daniel Greenfield


Yesterday afternoon a young woman stood by the side of a road holding up a sign. It read “Gush Etzion.” Those two words summon up spittle-flecked rants about Zionist settlements from the anti-Israel left.

But for Dalia, it was just home. And then it wasn’t.

Dalia caught a ride to a bus stop on the way home from her job as a children’s occupational therapist. Her next stop was a shift at Yad Sarah, a volunteer organization for the elderly and disabled. But before that could happen, a Muslim attacker did what songs, cartoons and posters distributed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas encouraging “Car Jihad” had been telling him to do.

He ran her over with a Mazda van.

With the 26-year-old woman on the ground, the courageous Islamic Jihadist stabbed her as she lay dying. Then shouting Allahu Akbar, he began slashing at an…

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