Went to the Dr  about 8 weeks ago and he told me that I was at a danger zone with my weight I was (273 lbs) which would be okay if I was 6’5″” like my youngest son. I am only (5’9″).  The reason I am posting this is a little bragging rights. And hopefully it will make you take stock of your own health and weight. I am as of this morning at (240 lbs) (33 lbs in just about a month). If you think this post is not interesting I am sorry but I had triple bypass later part of 2012. When the doctor said I was in a dangerous place with my weight it made me take notice. I have a great family wife 7 children and  I have 22 grandchildren and 14 great – grandchildren that would be without a husband  father and grandfather. What I am getting  at is take care of yourselves because your not the only one at stake.


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